AI to hypertension management

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Leo Rosenbaum - Founder of Pressura

You may have guessed already why I do this app and these web based digital assistant to hypertension sufferers. Yes, I have had high blood pressure for a number of years already. Passed through a hypertensive crisis.

My awareness of hypertension passed through various stages as well, from ‘180/110 is no problem as no symptoms’ to measuring nine times a day to dedicated lifestyle changes to control my blood pressure. It has also placed hypertension in the center of my research interests.

Being the Digital Health Advisor at Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies, I took a professional interest in health apps, especially in the new possibilities AI opens up. This is how the idea of Pressura was conceived, an app designed to be an effective tool in blood pressure management.

Since I was diagnosed with hypertension, I have worked in four different counties, with very different healthcare systems, met numerous cardiologists and general practitioners. And I have arrived to the conclusion, that it is not only about lifestyle changes and taking pills. Blood pressure awareness is the key to effective blood pressure management. The more we know about hypertension, the better it is for our blood pressure, be it too high or too low for now.

That is why I do Pressura.